Heart Mountain All Stars

Our competitive gymnastics team is named the Heart Mountain All-Stars. Our gymnastics instructors are past competitors themselves, and so with their guidance, several of our gymnasts have received awards for their competitive performance over the last year.

Instructional classes at HMG follow the curriculum of USA Gymnastics. Skills are taught in a progressive manner, with the student learning new skills which are built upon the skills which have already been learned. As the student progresses through our program, they become more skilled and more confident gymnasts. Once a student has developed the necessary skills, they may be invited to join the competitive Heart Mountain All-Star team.

HMG has specifically set aside instructional time for team members as well pre-team students (students working to hone their gymnastics skills prior to joining the team).

During the competitive season, our All-Star gymnasts will occasionally travel to compete in gymnastics competitions around the state and/or region.